We all have projects that we start but never finish, whether it’s a hobby, work project, or a creative endeavor. For me, it was a little project I had been working on a while back where I combined old photos of my grandparents with the wallpaper from the dining room of their home. I couldn’t ever get it the way I wanted and eventually abandoned it.

But this week, while going through my photos, I found a folder with these elements in it and was immediately inspired to finish it. I realized that sometimes all it takes is a spark of inspiration to reignite the fire and bring new life to a forgotten project.

So, I dug in and started working on it again. And you know what? It turned out even better than I had imagined. The old photos of my grandparents, combined with the wallpaper from their dining room, created a beautiful and nostalgic composition that I’m now proud to share.